Presentation Day

On March 31st a special event took place at the VVF office in Mahavir Enclave, and students, teachers, supporters and older learners came together for a special Presentation Day. All the children who had won races on Sports Day were presented with prizes, and those who had completed computer and tailoring courses were awarded their certificates. In addition...

Saakshar Day 2014

On Saturday 29th March 2014, 'Saakshar Day' was celebrated in the roof at the VVF office. Children from all four schools came together to showcase their work over the last year, and there were speaches in English given by Saakshar students and supporters, and a faltering speach in Hindi given by Ralph Williamson, much to everyone's amusement. 

Nasirpur Slum in 2014

Over the years since I have been able to visit Saakshar, the Nasirpur slum, from which the Saakshar one children come has developed and grow. Most notiticably, underground waste water pipes were installed a few years ago which have made it a much more pleasant place to live, although there is often water on the ground still, flies and mosquitos. 

Sports Day 2014

Sports Day 2014Saakshar children enjoyed a wonderful day out in the park on March 25th, at a sports day organised specially for them. 

Adult Education at Saakshar 4

The Saakshar school rooms are always busy and the latest activity at Saakshar 4 and at Saakshar 3 is adult education. Each afternoon, once the young children have gone home after the morning session, a group of local women come to Saakshar to catch up on some of the learning they missed when they were younger. 

Ralph visits Saakshar 2014

Ralph Williamson arrived in Delhi on March 21st to visit the Saakshar project, and was welcomed warmly at the VVF office in SW Delhi. On Saturday 22nd a meeting was held at which local supporters and trustees of VVF and Ralph were able to meet and discuss the charity's moving work.

Skills and Language Training for older Saakshar students

Saakshar's work with slum children has been expanding to meet their needs for skills and language training as they reach the end of their secondary schooling, through the Tarang project...

Anita and Kajals' Stories

Saakshar - in the words of Anita and Kajal - Two students who began their studies through Saakshar were asked to write about their experience, and their words (sent in Hindi and translated with the help of a Christ Church student Mimi Ray) are here.

Katy's Ceramics Workshop for Saakshar Teachers

The teachers at Saakshar werre treated to a creative ceramics workshop in June, with a visiting ceramic artist and film maker from Oxford, Katy Zwetsloot-Hyatt. Katy heard about Saakshar through Saakshar School Appeal, and while staying in Delhi this summer has offered her services to help VVF and Saakshar. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot which they can use with their children. Katy has been welcomed into the VVF family, and is enjoying Asha's great company and fantastic cooking!

Photos from Saakshar 2013

My visit to Saakshar will come to an end in a couple of days and I wanted to share a selection of pictures from the four Saakshar schools and their communities taken during the last week...

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